Daniel accepts commissions from petite to monumental, abstract or fictional, figurative or fun, for indoor or outdoors. For private clients, authorities, developers, schools, companies, for installation in parks, gardens, woodlands, courtyards and indoor spaces.

Works can be made at my studio in Hertfordshire, delivered and securely installed.

If you have an existing tree, dead standing or fallen, Daniel can come and carve a creation in situ.

Where to begin

Feel free to contact Daniel to discuss your requirements.

Designs are often used to give both the artist and client a clear idea of how the creation will look.

Once the design is agreed, quotes are made and work can start.

Daniel travels and carves almost anywhere. His work can be found from London to New Zealand.

Live demonstrations of carving

The process of carving large pieces of art with a chainsaw is one of the most visually exciting methods of creation for audiences to watch. It is captivating to see the shapes emerging and the final piece coming to life in front of your spectators eyes.

Daniel has been carving with chainsaws since 1998, after he trained to use the tool safely through the NCPT assessments.

Years of experience with the saw allows Daniel to use it artistically, quickly and yet in a safe way.

Mesh fencing is used to keep spectators and pets at a safe distance.

Daniel often works in schools, public spaces and events with a 100% safety record.

£5,000,000  public and product liability insurance is held and risk assessments available.

Pupil and community involvement

Daniel has worked on a number of projects involving School pupils, Community groups and Universities.

Although chainsaws cannot be used by participants, the design process is safe.

Daniel can run or advise with this process. Depending on abilities, participants can produce drawings, models or presentations of their ideas.

This design process can even be set as a competition.

Group involvement produces many diverse ideas for the project.

By the end of the creation, participants will have a greater understanding of the Artistic process and a sense of ownership through their involvement.